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For overseas

Entrance Ticket:
Thank you for your interest in participating in the Inazuma online festival.
To participate in this online event, from 6 pm on February 25, 2023 to 9 pm on 26th(Japan time), you will need to purchase an entrance ticket following the link below:

When you purchase any product(s) from this online event, all purchases will be shipped to the Inazuma Festival Head Office in Tokyo, Japan (Please note that you are paying a shipping fee of 1000 JPY from each brand to the Inazuma Festival office).
We will handle and package the item carefully (consolidate your purchases if there are more than 1 item) and we will inform you of the shipping fee via email. You will be able to pay the shipping fee via Paypal or credit card. As soon as we confirm the payment, we will ship the package and provide a tracking number to you. Please note that you will be responsible for any customs, duties, and taxes incurred.

Price List
Approximate price. Please be aware that the final price may differ.
The price includes overseas shipping support from a Japanese shipping company.

2023 Asia : Price
2kg : ¥6,000
5kg : ¥10,000
10kg : ¥16,000

2023 North America : Price
2kg : ¥8,000
5kg : ¥20,000
10kg : ¥30,000

2023 Europe : Price
2kg : ¥8,000
5kg : ¥20,000
10kg : ¥30,000

Method of payment
VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB credit cards are accepted for shopping during this event.
American Express and JCB brands may not be available at some shops.

In that case, you can pay via PayPal at all shops.

Terms and conditions:
Although this is an online event, it is just like a normal offline Inazuma festival event.
All the items they offer are, off season, one-off samples or could be slightly damaged.
Please also consult the brands when you are purchasing. The brands that participate in this event are not responsible for any returns/refunds. Please examine the product images and descriptions carefully.